Monodermà ET10

MONODERMÀ® ET10 is a medical device for topical use. It is based on Vitamin E and contains naturally derived 10% tocopherols and 0.3% tocotrienols in their free forms. Vitamin E can be found in nature in its pure form and is an essential nutritional element for many biological and physiological functions of the skin.The term Vitamin E is the generic name used for a family of antioxidant substances that includes two classes of compounds: tocopherols and tocotrienols. Compared to tocopherols, tocotrienols have a greater antioxidant power, penetrate the stratum corneum of the skin more rapidly and have greater affinity for cell membranes, thus favouring their stabilisation.

MONODERMÀ® ET10 has strong antioxidant properties (activity against free radicals) since it contains tocopherols (10%) and tocotrienols (0.3%), both in their free forms, which help to counteract oxidative stress in the skin and lipoperoxidative damage, favouring repair processes.

Apply the contents of the MonoDermoDose® to the affected areas of the skin once or twice a day, otherwise according to medical advice. MONODERMÀ® ET10, in line with the innovative MonoDermoDose® system, does not contain colorants, preservatives, fragrance, ensuring that it is very well tolerated even by the most sensitive skin.

FIG. 1: Hold the MonoDermoDose® between the fingers, in an upright position without using excessive pressure.
FIG. 2: Rotate the lower part of the container until it is detached from the upper part (the cap-shaped part).

Once the two parts have been separated, apply the contents of both parts to the areas to be treated. Since every MonoDermoDose® is completely biodegradable, after use it can be disposed with organic waste or directly in drain water.

Store at room temperature,in a cool,dry place.
Single-dose product;do not re-use once opened.
Avoid contact with eyes.
For topical, external use; do not swallow.
Do not use after the expiry date on the package.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Do not use if the capsule is damaged in any way.


Read the instructions before use.


Prevention and treatment of photoinduced dermatitis and radiodermatitis.

Adjuvant in the treatment of cutaneous inflammatory conditions due to oxidative damage