Monodermà C10

MONODERMÀ® C10 contains pure VITAMIN C at a concentration of 10%.VITAMIN C is an essential nutrient but, since it is not made by the body, it must be administered from the outside.Topical administration of VITAMIN C is the route of choice to compensate for any deficiency of the vitamin in the skin.
L-Ascorbic Acid is the form of VITAMIN C used by the body and its benefits to the skin have been extensively described. Among these benefits it is worth mentioning the stimulation of collagen synthesis, the protection against ultraviolet A and B light, the effect of lightening hyperpigmented patches of skin.
Given these characteristics,VITAMIN C (L-Ascorbic Acid) is indicated for the treatment of skin aging, skin discoloration (also as prevention of post-laser skin discoloration) and as a coadjuvant in the treatment of some dermatoses.
MONODERMÀ® C10 contains in the exclusive and innovative MonoDermoDose® the ideal quantity of pure VITAMIN C to balance the functions of the skin.The MonoDermoDose® allows the use of a “minimalist” formula which, because of its total lack of preservatives and fragrance, is safe and well tolerated by the skin.

Clean and dry the area of skin to be treated and then apply the contents of one MonoDermoDose®. One MonoDermoDose® is sufficient to treat the face and neck. After applying Monodermà® C10, you can use other cosmetic products.
FIG. 1:To extract a MonoDermoDose®, open the small window on the upper part of the disc and fold it back completely.
FIG. 2-3: Hold the MonoDermoDose® between the fingers, in an upright position without using excessive pressure, and rotate the lower part of the container until it is detached from the upper part (the cap-shaped part).
FIG. 4-5: Once the two parts have been separated, apply the contents of both parts to the areas to be treated.

Since the MonoDermoDose® is completely biodegradable, after use it can be disposed with organic waste or directly in drain water.

MONODERMÀ® is a line of skin products designed to combine the purity of its components with pleasantness of use, in the absence of common sensitising agents such as colorants, fragrances and preservatives.


Counteracts skin hyperpigmentation

Prevents skin aging

Keeps skin elastic

Anti-oxidant and photoprotective action (counteracts the damages caused by UVA and UVB rays)

Stimulates collagen synthesis

Anti-free radical action